Milongas @ Tango Ambassadors 2

Friday - DJ Punto y Branca (Argentina via Italy)

Saturday - DJ Maria Mondino (Argentina via Germany)

Sunday - DJ Daniel Măndiță (Romania via Tangotangent)

Milongas @ Tango Ambassadors 2


Milonga Bienvenida

Friday, 21.00
Location to be announced

Tango DJ - Punto y Branca

chicho frumboli y juana sepulveda in bucharest romania tango hobby

GRAN Milonga con SHOW Chicho y Juana

Saturday, 22.00 - Ambery Hall Classic

Tango DJ - Maria Mondino


Milonga Despedida

Sunday, 20.00 
Location to be announced

Tango DJ - Daniel Măndiță

Tango Ambassadors DJs

The role of the DJ at a milonga is to provide recorded tango music to dancers that enables them to connect to the music and their partners, as well as maintaining their motivation to dance. Selection of the best available classic tango music enhances connection to the music and one’s partner. Maintaining dancers’ motivation to dance involves recognizing the changing energy levels of dancers over the course of the milonga and selecting music that elicits energy from dancers while at that the same time not exhausting them. 


DJ Punto y Branca

FRIDAY, April 12

DJ Maria Mondino

SATURDAY, April 13

DJ Daniel Măndiță

SUNDAY, April 14

Map from the downtown to the event location